Let’s talk about the abuse

Let’s talk about Abuse, so what is it? Google defines it this way: 1. Treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. 2. Use or treat in such a way as to cause damage or harm. 3. Speak to (someone) in an insulting and offensive way. 4. Cruel and violent treatment of a person… Continue reading Let’s talk about the abuse

My 17th year in remission from Abuse

Today marks the 29th year I’ve been unleashed into this world, I had a wonderful day, truly blessed, but why can’t I get to sleep? Recently, so many questions have bombarded my mind, like why am I even in this job? Why am I procrastinating? Will I ever do anything of value? Will I be… Continue reading My 17th year in remission from Abuse

Dear Future Husband – Have I found you?

Letter #4 I just realised, it’s been 6 months since I’ve written to you or Hadassah. I know it seems like I’ve been slack, but… yes, actually I’ve been slack. There’s alot I need to fill you in on. Roughly a month and a half after my last letter, God started to put things in… Continue reading Dear Future Husband – Have I found you?

Dear future husband – Wherever you are…

Letter #1 Dear Future Husband, I had previously written plenty of letters to you, but I have had to scrap them… but I think after everything that God had spoken to me about during this woman’s conference, I will finally take up the courage to start writing. To be honest, I’ve been so burned from

Letters to my daughter – I’m waiting for you ♥

Letter # 1 Dear Hadassah, Mummy just finished a woman’s conference, tired and in need of sleep, but I thought of you again. I have been meaning to write to you but recent events have really taken a toll on me emotionally… Let’s start from the beginning. Since your mummy was 17, I had dreamed of… Continue reading Letters to my daughter – I’m waiting for you ♥