How it feels to be awakened by God

You fill my mind with thoughts of the future, dreams and vision of the greatness I possess, My heart races with excitement, yet aches in frustration because it has yet to come to pass. Slowly, my desires are aligning with yours, give me the capacity to fulfill each one with a humbled heart, the strength… Continue reading How it feels to be awakened by God

Let’s talk about the abuse

Let’s talk about Abuse, so what is it? Google defines it this way: 1. Treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. 2. Use or treat in such a way as to cause damage or harm. 3. Speak to (someone) in an insulting and offensive way. 4. Cruel and violent treatment of a person… Continue reading Let’s talk about the abuse

My 17th year in remission from Abuse

Today marks the 29th year I’ve been unleashed into this world, I had a wonderful day, truly blessed, but why can’t I get to sleep? Recently, so many questions have bombarded my mind, like why am I even in this job? Why am I procrastinating? Will I ever do anything of value? Will I be… Continue reading My 17th year in remission from Abuse